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AirStrid™ Shoe Deodorant Patch

AirStrid™ Shoe Deodorant Patch

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Normaler Preis €15,99 Verkaufspreis €39,99
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AirStrid™ Shoe Deodorant Patch

AirStrid™ Shoe Deodorant Patch

Normaler Preis €15,99
Normaler Preis €15,99 Verkaufspreis €39,99
SAVE 60% Ausverkauft

Our customers are thrilled with their purchases!

“This shoe deodorant patch is a lifesaver! As a nurse who's on my feet for 12-hour shifts, my feet were always stinky and sweaty, but this patch has completely transformed my foot game. Not only does it smell like heaven, but it also lasts for a whopping 7 days! I can wear the same pair of shoes all week and not worry about offending my patients with my foot funk. I have also recommended it to my colleagues!” - Jessica, 28, California


“I was skeptical at first, but this shoe deodorant patch is a game-changer! As a construction worker, my feet are subjected to some serious wear and tear. I used to dread taking off my shoes after a long day, but now, thanks to AirStrid, I can confidently kick off my boots without fear of clearing the room with my foot odor. Plus, the lemon scent is like a breath of fresh air! I've been using this patch for 5 days now, and it still works like a charm.” - Tom, 35, Texas


Keep Your Feet Fresh and Comfortable All Day with AirStrid™ Patch!

If you're someone who loves to stay active but hates the odor and discomfort that comes with sweaty feet, AirStrid™ Shoe Deodorant Patch might just be the solution you've been searching for. Whether you're a gym-goer, runner, hiker, or simply someone who spends a lot of time on their feet, our product can help eradicate odor, inhibit bacteria growth, and absorb moisture.


What makes AirStrid™ patch better?

99.99% Antimicrobial Rate in 2 Hours - The AirStrid™ Shoe Deodorant Patch has been certified by the Chinese authorities for its astounding bacterial elimination rate of over 99.99% and an incredibly rapid deodorization rate of up to 93.5%! Plus, this champ won't cause any skin irritation when you apply it to the inside of your shoes.


AirStrid™ Patches VS Other Brands

AirStrid™ Patches stand out from other odor-control products on the market due to their advanced technology and superior performance.

  • Unlike other products that use a single layer, AirStrid™ Patches incorporate three layers, each with multiple functions to ensure maximum effectiveness.
  • Our patches utilize temperature-sensitive materials that not only evaporate, but also break down odors at their source, providing a long-lasting solution to unpleasant smells. In contrast, other products rely solely on fragrances to mask the odor, which is only a temporary solution.
  • Additionally, AirStrid™ Patches feature imported, residue-free adhesive, which means they can be used on any surface without the fear of leaving behind any unwanted residue. This makes AirStrid™ Patches the smart choice for anyone seeking a reliable and effective solution to eliminate unpleasant odors.



AirStrid™ Shoe Deodorant Patch vs Other Solutions

AirStrid™ Patch stands out among other shoe deodorant solutions with its superior deodorizing ability, sterilization power, long-lasting effect, and remarkable comfort.



How does it work?

The active antibacterial agent in AirStrid™ Patch volatilizes with the temperature inside the shoe, and takes effect within 2 hours. The higher the temperature inside the shoe, the greater the volatilization of the active antibacterial agent. The more smelly it is, the more effective the deodorant patch will be.



Medical Endorsement


“As a medical professional with a focus on foot health, I highly recommend AirStrid™ shoe deodorant patch to my patients who are struggling with foot odor. Its three-layer design, which includes a combination of powerful antibacterial agents and natural deodorizing agents such as activated carbon and lemon extracts, has been extensively researched and scientifically proven to eliminate odors and provide long-lasting benefits. In my practice, I have seen firsthand the positive impact this product can have on my patients' foot health and hygiene, helping them to feel more confident and comfortable in their own shoes.”

-Dr. Robert Müller, MD, Podiatrist, Krankenhaus am Urban, Germany


Alex's Success Story with AirStrid™ Patch

“I'm Alex, a 37-year-old construction worker. I love my job, but there's one issue that's been bothering me - my feet often feel damp and give off a pungent odor after a long day on the job site. It's not just embarrassing, it's downright unbearable! That was until I stumbled upon these thin shoe deodorant patches. I decided to buy three pairs to give them a try.”

“Before, my shoes emitted such a putrid smell that even my dog wouldn't come near me. But ever since I started using these magic patches, my feet smell as fresh as a lemon grove. Applying them is a breeze; just peel off the backing and stick them inside your shoes. Additionally, the patches are very thin, and I didn't feel any discomfort. Now, my feet stay dry and fragrant all day long, and I'm extremely pleased with the results!”



How to use?

  1.  Remove the patch from the packaging.
  2.  Peel off the adhesive backing.
  3.  Place the patch inside the shoe, pressing firmly.
  4.  Replace the patch every weeks or as needed.


Package includes:

1*AirStrid™ Shoe Deodorant Patch

Size: 100mm*40mm

Specification: 5 bags per box, with 2 pads in each bag

Outer layers: Non-woven fabric, traceless adhesive

Middle layer: Antibacterial agents, deodorants, and lemon extracts

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